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Microwave Leakage Testing


What is Microwave Leakage?

Microwave ovens are common in many businesses and typically are used on a daily basis. Over a prolonged period of time, the door seals can become worn and faulty, potentially causing leakage levels that will exceed the acceptable limits. Facit can test your microwave ovens at the same time as conducting your PAT testing. We use the latest equipment to measure the level of radiation that might be leaking; we will check the door seals and the general state of the electrical safety within the oven.

Whats involved?

Microwave leakage testing involves a procedure that uses a leakage tester which can check for any leakage of radiation whilst the microwave is in use. This testing can be carried out at the same time as the Portable Appliance Testing.

What we do

We check for all the same tests as the PAT testing but with the added test of a radiation test around the door seals whilst it's in operation using a leakage tester, bowl of water and a thermometer inside the microwave and turn it on for a pre determined time and check the levels of radiation being omitted from the door seal (if any).

Microwave Testing