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Thermal Imaging


Thermal Imaging is used to check electrical installations, looking for 'hotspots' that can be caused by loose connections and the overloading of circuits. In addition, electrical systems can suffer corrosion and an increase in impedance to current. Thermal imaging can quickly locate these troublesome areas, determine the severity of the problem, and help to establish a time-frame within which the equipment should be repaired.

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal Imaging is a non evasive and non intrusive type of testing that can find potential problems that may cause the electrical installation or parts of it to fail. This can be carried out without any loss of power.

What's involved?

Thermal Imaging surveys are carried out with the use of a thermal imaging camera. The thermographic camera highlights the possibility of faults, so that further testing can be carried out if needed.

What we do

Facit Testing's thermal imaging services utilise portable infrared imaging systems, which scan electrical systems, then constantly convert the thermal images to visible pictures for quantitative temperature analysis. In so doing, we can effectively and quickly locate any 'hot spots', determine the severity of the problem, and help to establish a time frame within which the equipment should be repaired.

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Features & benefits

Thermal Imaging has evolved into one of the most valuable diagnostic tools used in Predictive Maintenance (PM). Infrared imaging (essentially 'heat pictures') allow for accurate heat measurements. By detecting anomalies that often remain invisible to the naked eye, thermography allows for corrective action before costly system failures occur.

Thermal imaging is especially useful for inspecting indoor components such as motor control centres, breaker panels, disconnect switches and transformers.

Another key benefit of thermal imaging is that it enables our engineers to perform inspections while electrical systems are under load. Since thermal imaging is a non-contract diagnostic operation, our test engineers can swiftly scan an item of equipment from a safe distance, vacate the hazardous area, and return to a safe place to analyse the data without risk of harm.